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USB / RF MODEM is used for Walk by\Drive by wireless communications with Pulsar IoT devices.

When you press button for less than 0,7 sec, modem starts to wake up devices.

When you press button for more than 0,7 sec, modem switches to 433 or 868 MHz mode.

It is recommended to use special software.

Before using it is necessary to install STM32 VCP Driver and check if Virtual com port is present.

There are 3 LEDs: «status» — green means TX\RX USB, red means TX\RX Radio
433 MHz mode
866 MHz mode
  • Dimensions 86х30х15.4 mm
  • Ambient temperature 5 .. 50 °С
  • Protection IP20
  • Max current (from USB port) 50mА
  • FSK modulation
  • Frequency 433.7 MHz / 868.75 MHz. (868,75 MHz used for Lora devices)
  • Antenna connector SMA
  • Baud rate up to 100 kbit/s