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Single jet electronic water meter Pulsar

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Electronic water meters "Pulsar" are designed to measure the volume of cold or hot water flowing in pipelines of cold and hot water supply systems.

The principle of operation of the counter is to measure the number of revolutions of the impeller rotating under the action of the flow of flowing water. The counter has an electronic impeller speed sensor. The signal from the sensor goes to a microprocessor device, which calculates the volume of water that has passed through the meter. The volume value is displayed on the indicator device.

DN, mm 15—20
Maximum permissible error Q2≤Q≤Q4 ±2 % for cold water t≤30 ºC; ±3% for hot water t>30 ºC
Maximum permissible error Q1≤Q<Q2 ±5%
Maximum pressure, bar 16
Data history in EEPROM memory 60 Months, 184 Days, 1488 hours
  • Sapphire bearing
  • Inductive scanning system
  • Different integrated communication interfaces
  • Full magnetic field immunity
  • Both horizontal and vertical installation
  • Low power operation
  • Server’s software for data reading and storaging
  • OEM is possible